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The Dangers Of Fungal Contamination and Infections
Photos Of Toxic Mold
The single most important medical discovery regarding Mold Exposure and Disease in the history of the science.  See: Mold Fine Particulates

One of the biggest questions about Mold is, "Do I have the bad Mold?" The answer is, "No Mold, is good Mold".

Mold is, "Toxigenic", which means it may not always be producing toxins into your environment. However, for no explainable reason the same Mold that was not producing toxins yesterday, may indeed today begin to produce toxic spores. You must remember Mold is a living breathing orginism, best described as half animal and half plant. This is why it has been classified into its own,"Kingdom", the Kingdom of "Fungi".

Mold does not have to be black to make you sick. Simply the terms "Black Mold", or "Toxic Mold", have been sensationalized by the news media, these terms are actually not correct.

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